Top Kids Math Games 2016/2017

1 –  Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game

Sum Swamp is a kids math game aimed at developing your childs addition and subtraction skills. The goal of the game is be the first person to move your character to the end of the board. The charac

You play Sum Swamp with the board, four selectable swamp characters and three dice. Two of the dice are number dice and the third dice is the operation dice. The amount of places you can move forward is “Highest Number Thrown” – or +  “Other Number Thrown.

The + or – comes from the operation dice.

Getting to see who goes first out of the 4 players isn’t a “it’s me, it’s me!!” fight but rather a literal roll of the dice. Highest number thrown before the game starts gets to go first. In addition to the basic way to move forward are special blocks that you land on that might require you to move backwards or forwards again depending on what block it is. The game definitely makes addition and subtraction learning more like playtime.

2 – Sequence Numbers

This is one of the many Sequence games out there and this one is aimed at a younger audience up to about 5th grade.

The aim of the math game is to place 5 of your chips in a row on the board. The way to add chips to the board is to solve sum on the cards and then find the answer on the board. Once you find the answer you can place your chip there.

There are also special cards that spice things up a bit. There is a card to place a chip wherever you want. There is also a card to remove one of your opponents chips.

If you have smart kids then you can also just make your own cards with even more complex equations to keep them busy.

3 – Math for Love Prime Climb

The aim of this game is to move your board which resembles a wizards hat to move from 0 to 101 on the board.

The way you move forward is you roll two 10 sided dice and decide what you want to do with each tnumber rolled. The trick is you cant do the same thing twice it has to be different. You add the one number and subtract the other for example.

If you can take someone’s place on the board by rolling a set of numbers to get you there, then they have to start over. My favorite part.

Every now and then when you land on one of the red prime colors you get to pick up a random prime card for extra suprises.

4 – Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

Equate is a kids math game that could be fun to play for both kids and adults alike. Players have to create their own equations and this can sometimes be a stretch of the mind.

The playing style of the game lends a lot from Scrabble. The purpose of this game is to use your tiles to make equations and lay them on the board. Higher number tiles score more points and its also possible to use two or more tiles to create numbers, Eg 4 and 2 can create the number 42.

The board also has score multipliers of varying proportions all over the board which multiply the points earned by your equations. Great fun.

5 – Clumsy Thief

Clumsy thief is a card game which takes addition and blends it in with a turn based card game. The end goal is to have the most money stacked in front of you when all the cards run out.

Players start with 7 cards in the beginning of the game. The cards consist of three types, the money cards, the clumsy thief cards and the jail cards.

Two or more money cards are arranged in stacks in front of each player. Money cards can be part of the stack when the numbering on them adds to 100.

Its possible to take your opponents stacks from them by placing a clumsy thief card on top of their stack and the stack becomes your own. You can also simply just place an identical top card onto their stack to do the same thing.

When you’re no longer able to steal stacks or create your own then you need to draw a card. When all the cards are finished the game is over and the stacks are counted to determine the winner.

6 – Mobi the Numeric Tile Game

  • Maths can be hard. Math can be fun. Can it be both?Of course it can!Mobi is a tile based game that can be played anywhere there is a table or flat surface handy. The blue tiles have numbers on them and the white tiles have operator signs on them.

    The point of the game is to make equations in front of you and use up all the blue tiles in equations with the white tiles.

    When all the blue tiles are used up the round ends with the winner shouting “Mobi”. I guess Mobi the whale lives up to his namesake here.. 😉

7 – Educational Insights MathShark

The MathShark is a game for ages 6 and up and is a portable handheld device that takes two AA batteries.

It has 8 different skill levels. Its got addition, subtraction, multiplaction and even fractions!

The game reminds me of hangman where you need to fill in the blanks to get the answer right. The answers in this case need to be correct equations.

A good incentive would be to tell your kid to do really well on the hardest levels before you get him that console.

8 – Brain Quest Smart Game

Out of all the games in this list this game certainly has the most cards at 224 paying cards totalling 1344 questions and answers.

While not strictly a kids math game it makes the list as it has math questions in it. From Science to Art you can be sure that your kids mind will be stretched in ways that should make you as a parent proud.

9 –  Mastering Essential Math Skills

20 Minutes a day is all you need to spend to become a master a at Essential Maths. By Jedi master I mean competent enough to help your kids when they have problems with their homework. Kids that dont give good homework don’t do well, right?

I put a book in this list because books are good at explaining concepts. Whenever your kid (or you) has a problem explaining a concept, give the book a read. Easy huh.

If you go through this book you’ll be well on your way to explaining linear equaions to your kids one of these days.

10 – Sums in Space – An Addition & Subtraction Math Game for Kids

Nothing really tops off watching a good space movie than using it to try get your kids more interested in math.

As good as Gravity may or may not have been, in this game your sole mission is to get back to the ship as soon as possible, while collecting space crystals on the way.

I find that making up the rules as you go along increases the level of funness greatly. Being hurtled into space and having to start over for getting a question wrong is never fun, is it?

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